Church of Christ

  • Church of Christ is the original institution that was established by Jesus Christ in the first century AD.
  • We are a group of people who are dedicated to following Jesus Christ. We simply call us as Christians or Believers.
  • We are non-denominational independent gatherings who speak where the Bible speaks; silent where the bible is silent.
  • We are spread all over the world as local churches or congregations. There is no central headquarters of churches of Christ, and organization or persons superior to the elders of each local church or congregation other than Jesus Christ.
  • Local churches or congregations do cooperate voluntarily in preaching the gospel all over the world, in growing each other in biblical knowledge and in other similar works.
  • (Even though the name “church of Christ’ is not important but the belief and foundation are important. There are other names also mentioned in the bible to identify the followers of Jesus, which are The Church of God, Body of Christ, Kingdom, The Church, etc. We simply like to call the name “Church of Christ” because it is established by “Jesus Christ” Himself and Apostles also called like that. )

– Please feel free to contact any local church mentioned in the directory for more information.
– If there is no dedicated web page available for a particular church, you can communicate with us to get contact details of that particular church mentioned in our directory.
– You can use our contact page for communicating with us.

“All the Churches of Christ greets you”
Romans 16:16