Light of the World Ministry and its operational web site wing Church of Christ Global (cocglobal.org) are part of a dream Christian Ministry of
Midhun C A also known as Midhun Alex.  He was in Praying, Planing, and Preparing for launching his ministry for a couple of years.
On 14th feb 2016, he started a facebook group and page (light of the world ministry group and page) and one year thereafter he published the church of Christ global web site (cocglobal.org) on 14th feb 2017.

In this Ministry, he is focusing
– To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  “Evangelism”
   As Jesus himself said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” – Mark 16:15.
Give guidance and helps to peoples who wish to improve their life towards salvation.
– Help people to study the Bible and  the sound doctrine of Christ Jesus once delivered through the apostles
– Maintain a Church and institutions directory
– Mission works
– Benevolence

Church of Christ Global Directory

This directory is intended to connect every local church of Christ and institutions to each other. If they wish, every church and institute will be given a dedicated ‘free web page’ and ‘web address’ so they can publish that address for their personal use. This directory is also intended for Gospel work activities.  If an individual or a group of people is interested to know about Christ and His Gospel via online, he or she or them will be given necessary helps to study and redirected to the nearest or convenient local church of Christ or brethren.
We hope that this directory also helps people who are in travel and want to connect with local churches/brethren in order to have fellowship and worship the God.
Please go to the Church of Christ Directory section for more details

General Statement

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any comments or suggestions related to the contents on this website. We appreciate and value your feedback.
Thank You


Light of The World ministry is absolutely a personal work.
The Founder and Owner of this ministry and website have the right to accept or delete any content or addresses in the web site or the website itself (cocglobal.org) at any time without any specific reason or prior notice to anyone.

“All the Churches of Christ greets you”
Romans 16:16